The Vision

Welcome to my world of all things Fine Jewelry. After 30 years in the business, my knowledge and resources are unparalleled for a private jeweler. I share this experience with every client I encounter. Many begin with an engagement ring and continue through birthdays, anniversaries and all of life’s important celebrations. Allow me to show you what I can do… — Jonathan Shapero



The Estate Collection

The Past is the Present…

Estate Fine Jewelry remains in high demand for very good reasons. It’s value is unparalleled. It’s beauty is unique and there are as many styles as there are decades. From Victorian and Edwardian to Art Deco and Retro Modern, Mid-Century to Contemporary… the Estate Collection is ever-changing.

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The Savings Account we always forget about 

Do you have a new car or a vacation already sitting in your jewelry box? It’s time to take inventory and eliminate everything you no longer wear. Receive alerts for our special buying events and gold parties by providing us your email address.